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Nachtzug – XP Lore [Possblthings]

Nachtzug delivers captivating acid grooves over an analogue trackbed of I.D.M. elegancy. Leipzig’s Possblthings records which is linked to the Possblthings store are doing a stellar job after their first strong release by Robyrt Hecht. This 2nd release is guaranteed to warm your hardware-driven hearts […]

Kurt Y. Gödel – Chord Rememory [Yuyay]

KURT Y. GÖDEL CHORD REMEMORY Yuyay/ YUY009 12inch Price 10,00 Info: Chord Memory! The hymn for the widely used feature in 80s hardware synthesizers got some individual rewiring done. If ten fingers ain’t enough Hyboid uses his Galactic Memory for punchy disco purposes while Robyrt […]

Robyrt Hecht – Percept [Possblthings]

Aquatic techno-electro tracks on this new PossblThings label produced by Robyrt Hecht, Milium, CCO and XY0815 delivering funk driven electro tracks to this Leipzig based record shop that is widen its activities with the start of this fresh new label! Robyrt Hecht  – Percept Label: […]